Drogheda Grinds Academy Terms & Conditions

This web site www.droghedagrindsacademy.com (“The Web Site”) from Drogheda  Grinds Academy Limited (562940) Registered at Unit 4D, Southgate, Dublin Road, Drogheda Co. Meath. You may get information and book for courses run by Drogheda Grinds Academy Ltd.

Your use of the website is governed by these terms and conditions so please review them before booking and paying for grinds program.

1. Changes to Terms & Conditions

Drogheda Grinds Academy reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time. These are effective immediately from ‘go live’ to the domain www.droghedagrindsacademy.com Use of the site constitutes acceptance of terms & conditions.

2. Grinds Programs

Booking of places through the ‘The Web Site’ is made subject to availability of places on grinds programs. Drogheda Grinds Academy Limited reserves the right change and or cancel grinds program and or refuse a booking. All bookings must be made by persons over the age of 18 as they are entering into a legally binding contract. DGA does not offer ‘trial classes’ and students may not commence classes without having signed a Student Charter Agreement and Supplied Medical Contact details in case of emergency. Students may not start classes if deposit / and or payment has not been made in full or by arrangement.

3. Payment

To hold a place full payment or a deposit of €50 must be made by; Visa Debt, MasterCard, or Visa or cash. Invoices and receipts are issued for all payments. Full payment is due in advance of the grinds unless an arrangement has been put in place with the office. The deposit is non-refundable. Grinds fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED once the program has commenced however students may in certain circumstances move to another subject or term within the school calendar year.

4. Data Protection / Privacy Policy

Full compliance will be made with regard to data protection. The Drogheda Grinds Academy will provide high standards of privacy at all times with regards to payment details and personal student details held in our records. All data provided to us through the web site or through emails or telephone calls to the centre or through social media may be used for marketing purpose unless otherwise requested. No data or personal information will be passed on to 3rd parties. If you wish to opt out of any marketing please let us know and you will be removed from our database.

5. Refunds / Cancellations Policy

Drogheda Grinds Academy Ltd reserves the right to change, postpone or cancel a grinds program schedules with reasonable notice and will refund all paid fees and deposits at that point. Once the grinds program has commenced fees are non-refundable. 

In the circumstances where a student must withdraw from a course it is up to Drogheda Grinds Academy Ltd to consider a refund on the grinds program and this is only in exceptional circumstances however a change to another grinds program or a credit note may be issued depending on circumstances. Any requests for refunds for withdrawal must be made in writing to Academy Manager: info@droghedagrindsacademy.com within 7 days of required withdrawal to be considered.

6. Right to Withdraw students

Drogheda Grinds Academy Limited operates a strict anti-bullying and student code of conduct policy. All staff, teachers and students associated with Drogheda have the right to participate in grinds programs without bullying or intimidation. We reserve the right to withdraw any student found in breach of anti-bullying policy and any student that is disruptive or impeding the learning of any other student in a classroom environment

7. Dress & Mobile Phone Usage

Students attending Drogheda Grinds Academy for grinds programs may wear their school uniforms however they must cover up any identifying school crests or colours. Mobile phones must be switched off inside the Drogheda Grinds Academy classrooms, common areas and reception. Students and Parents must sign up to our Charter Agreement governing acceptable behaviour and mobile phone usage. Students that wish to take pictures of the board or notes should ask teachers permission.

8. Class Sizes & Waiting Lists

Drogheda Grinds Academy reserves the right to change class sizes. Occasionally students will move from Higher to Ordinary level classes and DGA will try to facilitate spaces where possible. Names of students go onto waiting lists in the order they are received.

Once a class is booked out students that haven’t booked within the required time scale will be refused a place. 95% of our students stay with us for at least two terms. If you wish to stay on the waiting list and be informed when a place becomes available you must take the place within 5 days of being offered the place or it will go to the next student on the list. Students must inform the reception NOT the teacher if they wish to continue or withdraw from a class.

Students already enrolled with receive preference over new students when wishing to book for following terms. If students wish to be absolutely sure of retaining their place then they may book for a full year. Each class will have a waiting list which will be followed strictly on a first come, first serve basis. Once the place is offered and the term has already commenced full payment is due.

9. Cancelled Grinds

As all of our teachers are working teacher’s and occasionally Parent / Teacher meetings mean teachers may have to miss a class in the term. Students will not miss out as the class will be extended by a week at the end of term or during mid-term break holidays.

Students will be informed of this at their class the previous week or by the office calling or text parents. Please ensure we have all your contact details up to date when booking.

If a substitute teacher is required for a week or more due to illness / bereavement etc substitutes are qualified teachers with teaching council numbers and are Garda vetted. Parents will also be notified when a substitute teacher will be in place by text. ‘Push out’ weeks have been added to the schedule in order to facilitate the term.

10. Right to Refuse Entry

Drogheda Grinds Academy reserves the right to refuse admittance to the school for the safety of other students, staff and teachers. Any parent or student behaving in a threatening manner or refusing to follow the instructions of the Academy will be removed and refused re entry and all fees forfeit.

Any damage done to tables, chairs or boards by students must be met by parents and students will be asked to leave. Graffiti or damage to Academy property is not tolerated and will be met with immediate removal from class.

Students with outstanding fees will be asked to ‘See Reception’ and will not be allowed entry to class

11. Class Notes

Students are only entitled to the notes for the classes that they have paid to attend. Notes from previous terms or classes will not be supplied until the teacher is still working from them.

Students must be responsible for their folder and notes and bring them to class along with their supplied exam papers. Students that continually ‘forget’ notes will have parents informed and will not be allowed to return for the following term.

12. Credit Notes

Credit Notes are valid for 12 months from the date of issue with no exceptions.

13. Student Collection

Students must be collected within 15 minutes of the end of the last class of the day. It is unfair to expect staff to wait beyond this time. Students who are constantly late being collected may be refused entry the following term.

14. Student Lateness

Students who are continually late to class will not be allowed in to class after the third lateness. It is unfair to other students and teachers.

15. COVID Refunds

If refunds are required to be issued due to COVID lockdown refunds will be processed with a 25 euro non refundable fee to cover administration and processing fees. Refunds will be issued within 90 days to card. If students move to calculated grades and cancel place then the 25 euro administration and 50 euro non refundable deposit applies.

Revised April 2021