COVID Policy for Primary Classes at Academy Books Southgate and Drogheda Grinds Academy

1. All students must sanitise hands before entry to shop / class
2. All students must have temperature check – if this is high a student can be refused entry and parent contacted
3. All students must remain in assigned seats during the class
4. All tables are 1 metre apart and siblings may share a table
5. Students exit the class with 2 metre distancing rule – please note parents may bring their child in the first day to the class but after first day no parent is allowed in class at any stage due to distancing and protocols.
6. Students sanitise hands before exit of class
7. Students will be given folders and notebooks but should bring their own pencil cases – should include highlighter
8. Teachers may or may not wear visors as 2 metre distancing is possible in the classroom due to reduced sizes.
9. Students should not share pencils etc.
10. Any student that has a cough or temperature SHOULD NOT attend and they need to inform Drogheda Grinds Academy immediately on special designated mobile number.
11. If a student misses classes due to COVID or having to isolate the max credit is 2 weeks for the following term. There are no refunds.
12. If a student has symptoms a parent must inform us immediately using special DGA COVID number.
13. If a student has been put into self isolation by their school / teacher / club then parents need to inform us immediately
14. The protocol in place is to determine step by step if a child should not attend classes. For example if anyone in the house has a suspected case or has been told to get a COVID test then the child should not attend until the text is either negative or the 14 days isolation is complete.
15. If another child in the school tests positive then and only if the child has no symptoms they can attend classes but we need to be made aware. We will go on the assumption that we will have the most robust policies in place along with track and trace.
16. If a another child in their school class has been kept home due to suspected case of COVID then we would ask the child is kept at home if they are exhibiting symptoms. Please note these include (in younger children) unusual tiredness, sore eyes, temperature, persistent cough or general feelings of unwell.

Please note regardless of COVID no child that isn’t well should attend classes.

All tables and chairs are washed down and sanitised during the 15 minute break between classes. Room is aired out.

Primary School – COVID Protocol