The weekly grinds for the 1st-3rd Junior Certificate program is broken into 2 Terms;

Term 1 September 2019 (10 Weeks)
Term 2 - January 2020 (8 Weeks)

Term 1 Starting the week of Monday September 16th 2019. Classes run Monday to Thursday & Saturday

Students can opt for individual terms or the full year program.

1st year grinds are to help students that may not have a good grounding in essential subjects or may need extra help understanding new concepts and ways of learning. our 1st year grinds classes are small workshop style classes that help build students confidence with their subject in parallel with the work they are doing in school.

2nd year grinds classes start to look at subjects with respect to the junior certificate exam and the types of questions asked on exam papers. Each topic is covered and students are given previous exam questions on their topic to review. An introduction to the marking scheme and how they should study their subject will have them bring up their confidence even further.

3rd Year Grinds compliment the Junior Certificate program helping students focus on the areas they need more assistance with and how to approach studying and the exam papers. The 3rd year grinds program focuses on the exam preparation, how to study and covers the Junior Certificate Syllabus over two terms. Maths is broken into Higher & Ordinary Level classes.

Our teachers are experienced and qualified secondary school teachers with state examinations experience. They are NOT tutors. Extensive revision notes will be provided on each subject topic. Language based grinds will have oral preparation work and a mock oral where required for students sitting Irish, French, Spanish & German.

Whether you want to move up a few grades or focus on remaining at higher level subjects with extra revision the Junior Certificate Program is essential. Our teachers and tutors are experienced second level teachers with exam year experience and exam marking experience and language (Oral exam) examiners.

Drogheda Grinds Academy

Students that can’t make weekly grinds can opt for Intensive Junior Certificate Grinds in November, February, Easter & May/June Crash Courses.

Please note Terms & Conditions when booking Grinds with DGA

Maths Higher
Maths Ordinary
English Higher
Irish Higher
History & Geography
Business Studies

Please note if there is a course that is not here that you require please email us as we have a waiting list for other subjects and it depends on numbers.
3rd Year Maths (Higher Level) Monday 6pm - 7pm
3rd Year Irish (Higher Level) Tuesday 5pm-6pm
3rd Year Maths (Higher Level) Tuesday 6pm - 7pm
3rd Year English Wednesday 5pm-6pm
3rd Year Spanish Thursday 6pm-7pm
3rd Year Science Thursday 6pm-7pm
3rd Year Maths (Higher Level) Saturday 10am-11am
2nd Year Maths (Higher Level) Saturday 11am-12pm
3rd Year Maths (Ordinary Level) Saturday 12pm-1pm
3rd Year Maths (Higher Level) Saturday 1.30pm-2.30pm
2nd & 3rd Year History & Geography Saturday 11am-12pm
Term 1 September 2019 (10 Weeks) 1 hr per week – €195
Term 2 January 2020 (8 Weeks) 1 hr per week – €175

You may join the class subject to places during the term at a €95 deposit fee + pro rata weekly rate.

Please note all fees must be paid in advance before classes start. There are no part payment / payment plans for 2019 / 2020.

Please call the office on 041 9844696 or click on the book now button below.

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