Drogheda Grinds Academy – February Intensive Revision

February Intensive Revision  2021 is now open for booking. Our classes have limited class sizes to ensure focused revision and attention and due to COVID we have reduced places. Classes run from either 9am – 3pm or 10am – 4pm. Short breaks are provided throughout the day with water provided to each student.

These classes are exam focused revision examining key areas for students including timing, revision techniques, how to answer the question asked. Excellent notes are provided and all our teachers are qualified second level experienced state exam examiners. Please call the office if you have any questions on 041 9844676. Please note early booking is advised.

Cost: Special 3 for 2 offer of 295 Euro for 3 subjects / 150 Euro for 1 subject.

Subjects for February Intensive Revision

If you wish to attend any of these subjects, please complete the booking form asap as we are currently booking or call 0419844696 for the 3 for 2 offer.

Drogheda Grinds Academy


LC Business HL – Tuesday, 16th of February 10am – 4pm
LC Accountancy HL – Monday, 15th of February 10am – 4pm
LC Economics HL
LC English HL (Option 1) – Sunday, 14th of February 10am – 4pm
LC English HL (Option 2) – Sunday, 21st of February 10am – 4pm
LC Maths HL
LC Maths OL
LC Irish HL (Option 1) – Monday, 15th of February 10am – 4pm
LC Irish HL (Option 2) – Friday, 19th of February 10am – 4pm
LC Irish OL
LC Music
LC Spanish HL
LC French HL – Wednesday 17th of February 10am – 4pm
LC German HL
LC Russian
LC Geography
LC History
LC Biology HL
LC Chemistry HL
LC Physics HL
LC Art History

Drogheda Grinds Academy


JC English
JC Irish
JC Maths
JC Science
JC French
JC Spanish

Drogheda Grinds Academy