Dated: 8th May 2020

Dear Parents, now we know the Leaving Certificate exams have been cancelled we will work to a plan to start organising refunds for students that will not be coming back to us for next year.

We currently have to work through the list to contact everyone and we will be doing this once we can get back into the office.

Please note we will start process repayments as soon as we can but it may take up until the end of August to get all of them processed as we get bookings for the coming academic year to help with our cashflow. Any financial assistance we will get from the government and our insurance which covers this kind of situation is only expected in late August / early September.

All refunds will be made once we get back to normal and cashflow will allow for refunds. Anyone who wishes to rebook for next term for either siblings or for other years please email us and we will discuss when we call you. We will be offering additional credit to students who wish to hold deposits with us for upcoming courses.

Thank you for your patience at this time. All refunds will be processed.

Kindest Drogheda Grinds Academy


Dated: 15th of April 2020

Dear Parents & students, we are just updating you on the status of grinds with Drogheda Grinds Academy. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. We are now closed since the 12th of March due to the current COVID-19 situation but we are trying to come up with ways to deliver a solution for our students.

A quick contact to a number of students in each year suggested that online grinds was not what was wanted given most schools are now trying to deliver online classes and additional grinds online would be just too much.

The majority have said they would prefer to hold off and do double / and or intensive classes nearer to the exams once the SEC has released dates. Our teachers have agreed that this is the best course of action and they will make themselves available. So with this in mind we have we have outlined the plan below. Note these are seriously difficult times for everyone and we are trying our best to facilitate all students. Please note however our offices are closed at the moment and we are trying our best to get to contact all students with limited off-site staffing arrangements.

Weekly Grinds Term 3
All students who have paid in full for Term 3 will have priority over all other students. When we get back to face to face classes there will most likely be a requirement for social distancing so our classes may have significantly reduced numbers to facilitate this. After students who have paid in full. Students that have paid a deposit will make up the rest of the numbers. Please note students that haven’t paid fees at this stage will now not be guaranteed places. This will depend now on numbers and social distancing.

Weekly arrangements – all students will get their full 8 hours of grinds whether through double classes and or through intensive half day classes or a combination of both. The priority for this will be 6th years followed by 3rd years. We are still waiting for the SEC to confirm dates but we have been assured that the exams will go ahead. Whether it’s June or later in the Summer. Once the dates are known the teachers and admin staff will work backwards to ensure the scheduling works for students.

3rd Year Students wishing to cancel

3rd Year students that now wish to cancel classes due to Junior Certificate being cancelled have the option to retain their payment and an additional 50% in credit added valid until they complete 6th year. It will take sometime as we need to work through each of the classes.

For 5th & 2nd year students classes will be held weekly as usual for the hour at the same time however depending on when these start the options may be for them to run for 8 weeks into the summer months or come back in August or or to give students the option to move the booking to September and complete the 8 weeks (as 6th year students) All options are currently open at this stage. Students that opt to stay and hold their booking will be given an additional €175 per subject booked and paid for to use against either Term 2 or Intensive classes during November 2020 or February 2021. (Please note the additional credit is only for students that have paid in full or have paid a deposit against an upcoming course)

Easter Intensive Classes
Easter Intensive Class students will now move to June/July intensives classes when we are told it’s safe to open.

New Students

Please note we have received a lot of requests for Intensives when we run them in the summer for 6th years from new students. Our priority for Intensives are our current students that have paid in full, then students that have paid deposits, then students that have invoices but not paid but were with us previously in the academic term. Then we will look at places for new students but at this stage we can’t guarantee any places for new students and we are not taking bookings or deposits. You may apply here but you will be on a waiting list.

New Dates for June/July classes and or Intensives

Once the SEC has announced the exam date we will offer students the revised date for face to face Intensive days and at this stage they can opt to take the class or receive a refund or move to a different subject. We will be offering all students who have paid in full an additional ‘free 1 day Intensive class worth €150. If none of the classes suit we will process a refund once the dates have been confirmed.

Refunds must be required in writing and once a class is cancelled by email and refund requested then the student is taken off the class list and places allocated to other students on waiting list for when the class proceeds (hopefully June/July) with health and safety taken into consideration. Refunds will process once we open back and are in a position to do so.

The same is for the weekly classes in terms of cancellations. Once we have a date for the exams we can work backwards in terms of classes. We can’t re open unless it is safe for students, teachers and staff and of course their families to do so.

We will be closed now awaiting information on the 5th of May in relation to the ‘COVID 19’ situation. Once we have more information we will contact everyone again. As you can understand we have limited staff and we are waiting to see when exams will take place and we can re open again.

Please note our staff are all off until the 5th of May. We don’t have access to the office or phone until lockdown is over. Kindest DGA