Transition Year & 5th Year Programs

Transition Year ‘Get Ahead’ and 5th Year subjects are run together. This allows TY students get a head start on some of their subjects to help the focus on their core strengths for the Leaving Certificate program. One of the biggest criticisms of the TY program is that parents are concerned that students fall out of studying habits. This program allows them a narrow focus on a few subjects they want to improve on from Junior Certificate or chase points on for the Leaving Certificate. Some students also need additional help and support preparing for the Leaving Certificate and this assists these students in getting ahead.

Subjects for TY & 5th Year:

  • Maths Higher (Limited places)
  • Maths Ordinary (Limited Places)
  • English Higher
  • Irish Higher (Limited places)
  • Spanish Higher
  • French Higher
  • German Higher
  • History Higher/Ordinary
  • Geography Higher/Ordinary
  • Chemistry Higher/Ordinary
  • Physics Higher (Limited places)
  • Biology Higher/Ordinary
  • Accounting Higher/Ordinary
  • Economics Higher/Ordinary
  • Art & Art Appreciation
  • Chinese TY Only
  • Russian TY Only

For languages there will be a heavy focus on the oral part of the course as it is such a main percentage of the leaving certificate paper. One of the main focuses of the Drogheda Grinds Academy is to help students study effectively. Understanding that each student is unique and there are many different ways of studying and working on study techniques and revision schedules. It is an important process to learn as early as possible in second level.

Drogheda Grinds Academy

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